Welcome to the 252E Medical Support Training. In this module you will learn about the new 252E law changes and how the changes apply to your current policies and procedures. The specific topics covered in this module are: 252E Background – Medical Support law change, changes in determining medical support, changes in serving Establishment CPs, changes in Medical Enforcement and changes in ICAR.

This training will walk you through specific parts of the Administrative Review and Adjustment process. It was last updated in September 2016.

This training will walk you through specific parts of the Administrative Review and Adjustment process. It was last updated in February 2018.

This course is only for Child Support Recovery Staff. 

This course is only for Child Support Recovery Staff. 

This course teaches supervisors how to:

  • Redirect a caseworker's flags
  • Create a specialized unit
  • Redirect REFER flags

This training packet describes the policies and procedures for the disestablishment of paternity. The Iowa Code section 600B.41A provides a legal process for “overcoming” (disestablishing) paternity. Paternity legally established through marriage, paternity affidavit, court or administrative order, or open statement in court, is subject to disestablishment. This course was last updated in 04/2004
One goal of this training is to increase awareness of a change in Iowa law that affects orders starting in 1997. This training should help you better understand how to determine the length and end date of an order and how to find the information you need to make that determination.  It was last updated in 06/2006

This training will walk you through recent changes in federal intergovernmental forms.

A supplement to in-person training about the Iowa Supreme Court Guidelines. It contains videos that explain how to determine income in six sample cases, and a searchable glossary with information about 70 key terms and concepts. 

This is a five part training that introduces IABC and its help system. This is a previously archived course with outdated sections removed.

To begin the training, access the video by clicking the link located in the module. 

After viewing the video, return to the main course page and complete the course evaluation. 

This course is only for Child Support Recovery Staff. 

The Iowa Child Support Overview covers the basics of Iowa Child Support including our vision and mission, case structure, case types, and basic life of case actions.

This is a short course in how to properly link various process screens to the Interstate process. This allows the proper CSENet notices to be issues automatically. It was last updated in 08/2007

This course is for the August 2017 Training and Rollout of the new online manual (MAPPS).

Welcome to the New LMS 2019 course. Here, you'll find materials related to the New ISU-CSRU Contract learning management system (LMS), which was introduced during two webinar sessions in April 2019. This course includes the following items:

  • A short video that introduces you to LooMiS, the new LMS mascot
  • A recording of the April 9 webinar
  • A copy of the PowerPoint that was presented during the webinar
  • A copy of the navigation booklet
  • A link to the new system

We're excited about the transition to the new system! Check your email for follow-up information about the new LMS and upcoming training.

This course will assist new CSRU staff in learning the information they will need to know to perform their job duties. This course includes information on how CSRU policies are created, the federal performance measures that guide our work, various computer resources available to CSRU staff, and the ins and outs of ICAR including practice exercises so that you can become familiar with ICAR.

This course walks you through out of state court orders. Last updated 2008.

This is a self instructional training designed to provide a clear overview of the ELIAS system.

The PEP webinar is an annual training provided to staff. The course provides important information on how to make correct PEP related entries and coding in the ICAR system. The webinar provides several PEP examples and resources for additional help in related work processes. All new staff can take the course as part of their new staff training. Current staff can access the training at anytime as a refresher course.

This course is designed for field staff and covers the July 2018 Iowa Administrative Rule changes and new PARENTOP screen in ICAR.

In 2015, state legislation created a new Safe at Home program in the Secretary of State's office with the stated purpose of providing address confidentiality for victims of certain types of domestic abuse. The Safe at Home program was effective January 1, 2016. This training course will provide you with recordings and training material from the Safe at Home training webinar held January 5, 2016 which will provide you with more information about the Safe at Home program and what effects this program will have on CSRU.

The goal of this training packet is to increase your abilities to cope with a variety of operative challenges at work. It was last updated in 02/2010.

This course is only for CSRU staff.

Updated June 2010.

This course is an updated version of the in-person training originally presented by Terri Pollard. This updated version provides an interactive experience, combining audio, visuals, and quizzes to guide you through the UPPA process. Updated 3/2014

Prerequisites: You must have completed UPPA Phase I (also available here on the LMS).